We help you change everything about your life without anything in your life having to change so you can create your best life from a place of creativity and personal empowerment without walking on fire, shaving your eyebrows, or any of the other self-help hub-bub.

OK...How the heck does that work?

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  • Learn to tune the energy of your mind like a guitar so that your are always in harmony with what you desire.

    You'll discover that you can easily create the life you desire on your terms...fearlessly embracing your future.

  • You find the idea of being happier and more powerful in your own life an appealing idea...right?

    You can have a happier, more abundant journey through your beautiful life when you know that everything is energy and you can tune yourself to that which you desire.

    Your mind is constantly being programmed and re-written...we'll show how to get in control of that process and easily and effortlessly work it into your daily routine...we'll teach you a monk's meditation you can do in 4 seconds!

    The Harmonic Thought "Active Observation Method" will show you how to program your Human Operating System.

    "Are you ready to finally possess and control the Most Powerful Natural Resource on the planet?"

    • Pause for a moment. Realize the creative power you have in your possession right now.

      Most people will never become aware of the truly awesome power they have born within them.

      Are you one of them?

    • The greatest minds, spiritual leaders,and wealth builders of all time have all known "the secret" to possessing the world's most powerful natural resource.

      Knowing how to use this powerful resource grants you an all access, "Backstage Pass" to ever abundant Life Force, the Universal Mind, and your own Divine Nature.

    • Here's a fact for you: each one of us has equal access and a harmonic connection to the extremely robust and endlessly upgradable "Human Operating System".

      At Harmonic Thought we want to help you access your connection to this most powerful natural resource through the "Harmony of Energy" in all of it's forms.

    Awaken the power of your mind in your life.

    The human mind has no limits in its ability to create.​

    Consider this: Everything you need to create the life you desire you already have, inside you, right now.

    You just need to become aware of it and stay aware of it.


    Allow yourself to become awakened to the power you possess right now, to what you truly are, and to your divine nature.

    Harmonic Thought

    "Your fitness facility for mind and spirit!"

    Retune your mind and body...reboot your life...Live from inspiration. Empower your mind.

    Change everything about your life, without anything in your life changing...and have fun creating your life, your way.

    Awaken the powerful resources that already exist in you so that your journey through life will be filled with the love and abundance we are born to experience.


    "Get instant, complimentary access to the Harmonic Thought Personal Empowerment on-demand starter course now."

    Get all the tools you need to reboot and re-tune your life so that you can create the you want easier than you ever thought possible. Sign now and get instant access to your personal empowerment.

    Here's What You'll Get (for free) in the Harmonic Thought Personal Empowerment Starter kit.

    Introduction to Harmonic Thought

    A Revolutionary New Way to think about and use your mind.

    Discover how to change everything about your life without anything in your life having to change and why that puts you in a place of ultimate empowerment.


    Harry B Happy and Chuck walk you though a mind bending introduction into your role in your thoughts and how the Harmony of Energy is used to co-create your life.


    You'll never think about your mind the same after this!

    What are thoughts? with Dr. Joe Vitale

    This interview with Dr. Joe Vitale* will blow your mind!  *(star in the hit movie The Secret).

    Harry B Happy and Chuck sit down with Dr. Joe Vitale (star of the Secret) in an amazing video interview that you're going to want to see.


    You've probably never considered some of things your about to discover...


    None of what is discussed in this interview is talked about in schools, businesses, and probably not in any conversation you ever had.  

    Harry B Happy's Daily Meditations

    Get access to daily meditations by Harry B Happy via the Harmonic Thought Facebook group

    Join the group nightly at 9 PM central time USA as meditation and clearing master Harry B Happy guides you through a simple yet profound clearing process, using Ho’Oponopono, ancient healing mantras and meditation to bring balance and harmony into your daily life.


    Just like any fine musical instrument, the human energies must maintained and tuned as well.


    Harry B Happy is the master at getting you in tune and help you to keep in tune with what you truly desire..

    The Healing Art of Ho'oponopono

    Enjoy this quick and easy introduction into the Hawaiian healing art of H'o'oponopono

    Harry B Happy and Chuck introduce you to one of the best clearing and healing techniques they've discovered in this fun and easy video.


    You'll learn the four easy to use phrases and the most common mistake most everyone make in trying to use them...it's key to truly understanding this amazing healing technique.


    It's a monk-level meditation in four phrases! Learn it today!

    Mastermind Basics e-course

    Learn how to start and grow you very of mastermind group

    Discover the Power of The Mastermind in this amazing video featuring The Master of the Mastermind, Chuck Pennington.


    Chuck is Dr. Joe Vitale's mastermind leader at live events and  assistant on Dr. Joe's private Miracle Masterminds. He also implement Dr. Joe's mastermind process for his coaching and mentoring programs.


    Learn how create you own mastermind groups and how you can benefit from masterminds in your own programs,

    What Folks are Saying...

    Dr. Joe Vitale for Harry B Happy

    Dr. Joe Vitale for Chuck Pennington

    Alethia McNeely, Austin, TX

    Super empowering and uplifting.

    I Have known Harry for years, and started going to see him in this new center a short time back, its an incredible space. The sound and vibrational healings are super empowering and uplifting. I have and will continue to make the trek from Austin over to Houston to get healing treatments from Harry B-Happy Bartholomew at the Harry B-Happy Center for Vibrational Healing as often as life will permit.

    Matthew Cupp

    It was like I had a light cannon directed right at my head.

    Harry is one of the best in the biz. I'm a reiki master teacher and I go to him for healing and rebalancing. He is constantly cultivating a healing environment for everybody and everything he comes across. Just coming in contact with him will most certainly change your life for the better. As for his actual session, for me personally it was akin to a tomb door opening. Which was fairly significant and symbolic for me at the time considering I was 33 and felt as though I had died and been reborn. I could actually see light in my third eye. In a general sense, I didn't notice much until a few weeks after. Then it was like I had a light cannon directed right at my head. Totally obliterating it, and replacing it with a new improved version. Beyond highly recommend! Thanks Harry!

    Cynthia Chubick Tevis

    Texas Country Music Cruises

    Thanks to HarryB I’m back to my old self!

    My session with HarryBHappy was about a problem in my left hand. I thought it was carpel tunnel.. or a variation of other similar conditions. He did healing energy work on me through mediation and his beautiful gongs. The same day I took the brace off. The next day I tried to put it back.. and it hurt. By 24 hours later... I’ve never picked up the brace again and my hand is 100% back to normal. Thanks to HarryB I’m back to my old self! Super excited to have worked with him and to work with him again in the future! Highly highly recommend @harrybhappy!

    Leigh Anne Marshall

    It was one of the most powerful and helpful sessions I ever had.

    I first recieved a Reiki treatment from Harry years ago and it was one of the most powerful and helpful sessions I ever had. He is truly a gifted healer. Many years passed and then, within the last year, Harry reappeared in my life. It was time because I had embarked upon a very intense spiritual opening up...and anyone who has been through one of those knows that all of the old yucky stuff has to come up and out so that it can be healed. Harry has been instrumental in assisting me along this newest leg of my spiritual journey. His healing energy, use of crystals and sound therapy have helped me to stay focused and aligned as I take my next steps. I am so very grateful to Harry for his gifts, generosity, compassion and help. I look forward to what the future holds for both of us!

    KadyBug Cherry

    Thank you Harry for your epic integrity...

    Harry is an authentic and amazing healer. His sincerity for his work and all of creation has aided my soul in making tremendous leaps. Thank you Harry for your epic integrity, your endless dedication to the divine and the love you are. I highly recommend Harry B-Happy!

    Thinh Dang

    ...a true cultivator

    Harry is a compassionate person and a true cultivator. If you need a brother, a friend, a healer, Harry is the one. He helped me on various occasions in the past 3 years.

    DR. Betty Halpern

    Developer / www.kartra.com

    Harry B is intuitive and magical in his nonjudgmental healing.

    If you are open to this, and arrive early enough to be very comfortable, give this a try. Harry B is intuitive and magical in his nonjudgmental healing. Wear loose clothes. Bring your pain (physical and pasychic) with you. Prepare to sleep well this night afterwards.

    Johanna Rueda

    His light and vibrations are beyond this galaxy.

    Harry is a real master, healer and more than words can accomplish. His light and vibrations are beyond this galaxy. 🙏🏻

    Lao Shi

    Harry’s ability to use sound to heal is uncanny and legendary.

    Harry’s ability to use sound to heal is uncanny and legendary. You need only to experience it for yourself one time and you’ll know what I mean. Go see Harry!

    Rupesh Kumar

    Bodhgaya India

    His light and vibrations are beyond this galaxy.

    Master Harry helped me see into my true nature so that I could leave my suffering behind and have success in life and business.

    Craig Walls

    North Carolina

    ...and this one speaks for itself...


    Monthly Harmonic Thought Clearing,Tuning, and Healing Sessions

    Join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM CST USA as Harry B Happy takes Clearing  and Healing to the next level using techniques that he has spent the last 20 years perfecting.

    Work directly with Harry B Happy on your specific issues during the Harmonic Thought Monthly Tuning Sessions.

    Harry B Happy will be sharing with client and students around the world while you just relax and follow his guided meditation.


     If there is something specific you are working on, you will have the opportunity to send a request to Harry before the meditation. He will then be clearing on these things during the one hour immersion.


    This is the first time Harry has offered this Healing/Meditation to anyone  outside of his direct students and it is sure to be a session you will look forward to every month.

    Monthly Tuning Sessions -$29  $19/mo

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    Harmonic Thought Monthly Tuning

    Monthly Harmonic Thought tuning webinars. Teaching sessions, Q&A, and Tuning Meditations.



    Your chance to get in tune and stay in harmony with the life you desire.

    Private Session with Harry B Happy

    Monthly Harmonic Thought tuning webinars. Teaching sessions, Q&A, and Tuning Meditations.

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    Your chance to get in tune and stay in harmony with the life you desire.


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    If, for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked within the first 30 days.

    Chuck Pennington and Harry B Happy Bartholomew

    Co-Founders, Harmonic Thought

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